Saturday, January 8, 2011

Training Summary: Week of 1/2

Sunday - Rest

Monday - 6.2 miles (1:26:20)Kids unexpectedly had the day off school, so took them with me to the gym. Did 2.6 on the eliptical, then 3.6 on the treadmill (which I hate) on max incline. This actually is a workout I need to work in, since a couple of my next races have some substantial climbs.

Tuesday - 10.1 miles on the Ouachita Trail (1:57:21/4136 ft gained) A real rocky, curvy stretch. Felt decent, but never got into much of a groove. Longest run in the racing flats so far. The goal is to be able to run in them full time. Negative splits, which is a standard goal (1:00:04/57:18)

Wednesday - 5.2 miles on my neighborhood trail (46:03/1304 ft gained) 1.3 mile laps 11:50/11:37/11:31/11:03. Standard maintenance run.

Thursday - Rest

Friday - 20.4 miles on the Ouachita Trail (3:59:38/6752 ft gained) Long run. Felt great on the way out, and really made the point to throttle it back initially, but since this is a fairly flat section ended up pushing it a little much on the way out and started to crash a bit on the way back. Could also have been the fact that I really was trying not to use many gels (ate 5 total). 9.7 out and back (1:51:20/1:59:31) So a pretty bad split. Then added a mile (7:47) to push the total over 20 miles.

Sat - 10.4 on local trail (1:40:41/2783 ft gained) 12:42/12:58/12:50/12:46/12:29/12:39/12:13/12:02 splits. Woke up really sore, think the extra weight of the heavy mileage shoes had something to do with it) Went out slow today, and really never felt like speeding it up. Just kind of a mellow cruise.

Weekly total: 52.2 miles, 14,975 feet gained
Month total: 58.5 miles, ,15,563 feet gained
Yearly total: 58.5 miles, ,15,563 feet gained

Days to next race: 38 to Syllamore 50K

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